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Indian Female

Contraception is not publicly spoken about

I have one more to add. This thought just came to my mind, so what I was thinking was, in India any form of contraception is something - is not publicly spoken about. So I am not sure how many people are aware of it. There are immediately contraceptive pills are available that a women can take after unprotected sexual act and how many people are aware from our country, especially from our region where this is not - you know, like - this is not publicly spoken or discussed with family or anywhere. This is not something we're super aware of, so I feel that providing information about all these things in a website or in any form also would be useful. Because, for example if a women is having sexual contact with her partner and both of them were intoxicated, and they don’t even know if it’s a sexual violence, in such a case she may not report she would need medical help, right? [...] I think providing information is probably very necessary, since we are talking about our particular ethic group [...]. It will matter to have the right information, because it's not out there in our country.