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African Female

Counselling is talking to my friends

Participant 1: Offer them counselling because, in Africa, you can't find counselling.
Participant 2: Not even - don't put counselling in such a way, because we don't really understand counselling.
Facilitator: Okay, maybe for us, for some people, counselling is talking to my friends.
Participant 2: Right. Try to find a good environment for them [...] because I feel like we're so proud. I know I am proud, and if somebody were like, "Oh, let's go to counselling for this," I would say, "What the heck am I doing here?"
Facilitator: Right. So for counselling, what comes to your mind is that you don't know the person?
Participant 2: Yes, I don't know the person, so why would I explain my whole life to a -
Facilitator: a stranger.
Participant 2: Exactly. Maybe find some friends, or let them meet. Say it's a group study or something. Let them come and discuss it. Do not just say "counselling."
Participant 1: And every week, trick them! [laughter]
Participant 2: Yeah, trick them. Not even in a very tricky way, but still trick them into discussing it. [...] Like, organize a girls' night or something, or a group discussion, or when you are eating together, kind of bring that up in conversation, and get people to tell their stories. Because when you listen to somebody else's story, you end up wanting to tell your story too.
Facilitator: Okay, I think that is a good idea, to tell the [university] staff that there could be other ways [...] of making people open up.


  • Create an inter-university and college roster of peer supporters and educators that includes international and domestic student leaders across genders.