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Caucasian Male

I immediately probably wouldn’t completely believe a male friend

To be brutally honest, if one of my friends approached me with this problem, if - it would be following the stigma [...] of sexual harassment - men not doing it, or not being harassed, or not qualifying. I immediately probably wouldn’t completely believe one of my male friends. I [would] think [it was] more of a sick joke they are trying to - say, compared to a female friend. I would believe them [the female friend] without doubt. However, in that situation, I would [unclear] question more to find out what’s going on and if it, like, actually was a sexual harassment or occurrence. I would try to coach them towards disclosing the information, at the minimum, and be there for them if they need support. But other than that, I wouldn’t be able to provide much other than always being there if they need.


  • Address concern around wrongful accusations while developing new policies or training materials.

  • Address respondent rights and supports available to respondents in each of the following circumstances: 1) the investigation into the complaint is ongoing 2) the investigation concludes that the respondent has violated the policy, or 3) the investigation does not conclude that the respondent has violated the policy.

  • In education and awareness campaigns, highlight the fact that a significant percentage of men have experienced sexual violence in their lives.