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Indian Male

Is there anything to check both viewpoints?

Participant 1: Both people may agree to have sex initially, but once they've broken up, or, something happens in between them later on- if someone uses that point to make a complaint about the other person, is there any clarity? Like, the investigation will be going on, so is there anything to check both viewpoints? [...] Someone can take advantage of this if there is no one to listen to both viewpoints properly.
Participant 2: Yeah, if a person gives their consent and he [the accused] is getting blackmailed- and if a girl withdrew consent, he is actually afraid, because of social media blackmailing. How does this policy work in those cases?


  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive consent education.

  • Address respondent rights and supports available to respondents in each of the following circumstances: 1) the investigation into the complaint is ongoing 2) the investigation concludes that the respondent has violated the policy, or 3) the investigation does not conclude that the respondent has violated the policy.

  • Provide students with information about what can serve as evidence of sexual assault for the purposes of a university investigation. This information should appear in the policy itself and in educational materials about the policy.