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It needs to be front-loaded

Participant 1: I think that the people reading this [gesturing to the policy] are most likely people who have been assaulted- [...] I feel like it needs to be really front-loaded like, "if you've been drinking, you still have these rights," "if these people seem intimidating, just start with a friend or counsellor." I love academic language, [laughter] but just thinking about the audience [pause] do you know what I mean?
Participant 2: I feel like it should be dumbed down for posters. Not to be mean or anything, this is a great policy, and if you are reading it, there is a lot of information. But, if you see it out in the hallways, you want bullet points, or you want to be able to glance at it and be like, "okay, I know that it's there." [...] It's like priming, you know? If something were to happen to you and you saw that, you'd be aware of it, and then if you read the policy, it would make more sense.
Facilitator: so you wonder if there will be a kind of a bullet point, simplified student version, like a pocket version?
Participant 2: Ooh! And it would have those key points considering the student population. I know anyone could be assaulted in our community, but really front-loading certain concerns that would come up as a survivor.


  • Use an app or other tool that allows students to anonymously ask questions about sexual violence and university policies against sexual violence.

  • Emphasize the victim's right to decide whether they would like to report the incident after they have disclosed it to the university. Ensure the victim is aware of the formal and informal routes for reporting, including the option of reporting to the police. Clearly communicate any limits to confidentiality.