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Asian Female

It’s not good to be alone when you are in public

For my personal experiences, uhm, it's not good to be alone when you are in public. Uhm, I just want to share my personal experience a little bit. When I was in a computer class [...] and I was forgetting to bring my device to the class, so I asked the [...] classmate next to me - just want to share the file so that I could do the homework in class and after that I think the [...] classmate might misunderstood me. He start talking to me, like, a lot, so you can feel that he might be interested in me. [...] I think he might [misunderstand] my signal, because I wasn’t trying to pick up the conversation. I just want to get the file from him. He asked me, like, how old I am, and if I have boyfriend, where do I live; and I don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal information. So, I kind of mixed up the information to mislead him. And the other experiences I have is, I have a morning and afternoon class, so I usually have lunch at school; and when I was sitting at the cafeteria one day last semester, and a couple of [...] guys were sitting at the next table, and they were asking me if they could sit at my table. So, I feel I am just in a rush, so I say "Yeah, sure." But after they approached to my table, they start inviting me to go to a club and I do not want to go; so I tell them I am under 18. Then they said, "That’s fine." They are the security of the bar; they can let me in. So I say, "I don’t think so. I am not legal to drink any alcohol things." They said, "that’s fine. I can get you the drink." Wow, I mean, I like to drink, but not with strangers. You don’t know what they put in your drink or what might happen later; so I think being alone might make you into a target. Uhm, even I tell them directly, "I don’t want to go," but they still encourage me to. So I feel that is not so safe sometimes.


  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive sex education.

  • Including male students across cultures in discussions of sexual violence, gender stereotypes, and stereotypes of masculinity.