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For Confidential support to post-secondary students in Nova Scotia:
Good2Talk: 1-833-292-3698
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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program for the Halifax area:

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Perspectives are different among cultures

Our perspective about assault, or sexual thing, is different among cultures; and maybe some cultures are very sensitive about [these issues]. So it will be very, very great if in this policy they will have - how can I say - more definition about sexual assault in different culture. 'Cause sometimes in this culture they're not consider [...] a particular thing to be sexual, but in other culture they will see it as sexual assault. So it will be very great if they have more information about that.


  • Engage in activities to develop cultural responsiveness as it pertains to sexual violence prevention and response. Apply culturally responsive practices in these areas.

  • Deliver accessible education about Canadian sexual assault laws, including how they work, and the ways they tend to fail survivors in practice.

  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive consent education.