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Caucasian Male

Sexual harassment is sexual harassment

For example, if I was at a party or something and I was touched inappropriately. I wasn’t groped or any [...] more severe examples, but it’s just something little that I was uncomfortable with that I didn’t want to happen to me again, if I went to the professionals and I felt that I was being treated as, “OK, like this isn’t as severe”, I would never open up to anyone again. Because sexual harassment is sexual harassment, as I said earlier on.


  • Promote SANE nurses as supporters for victims/survivors. Ideally, this would happen in the context of a formal partnership with SANE nurses, which includes 24/7 availability of SANE nurse services on campus.

  • Ensure all sexual violence prevention and response education and training opportunities actively deconstruct victim-blaming, rape myths and gender norms. Ensure these sessions take an intersectional approach to understanding sexual violence and supporting victim/survivors.

  • In education and awareness campaigns, highlight the fact that a significant percentage of men have experienced sexual violence in their lives.