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The survivor doesn’t get taken as serious

The school is supposed to help support both parties, but [...] I just feel like sometimes the survivor doesn't always get taken as serious. Like, you hear the term "the person cries wolf," constantly. How is the person ensured that if they did come forward they would be taken seriously and that they wouldn't be judged, or - do you know what I am trying to say? [...] I get that the school has to support the other side, but, it doesn't always have to be "even". The school has to support the other side [the respondent], but like, if they [the complainant] actually went through something, then they should feel more confident that it is not just going to be equal, if that makes sense.


  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive sex education.

  • Ensure educational materials and initiatives explore relationships between sexual violence and drugs/alcohol. These materials should be mindful of pressures to over-consume and the fact that some international students are unfamiliar with drinking culture. Ensure and/or highlight the fact that no student who discloses or reports sexual assault will be penalized for substance use related to the incident in question.

  • Use multiple formats to deliver accessible education about the SV/SA policy during orientation and at least once per semester