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Indian Female

This is not a special measure but a basic necessity

I think the first person I would speak to [about this policy among older family members] would be my father. But to be honest, contrary to popular beliefs, I have had sex education back in sixth grade back in school in India, so ya know, I don’t think my father would be surprised or anything like that. But it's not even that he’d be especially thankful for this because I do formally believe that having a policy like this in place is not a special measure but is a basic necessity. So, you know, it's not like the university is going out of its way to provide us with something special,this is just a very basic necessity. I believe that sexual violence or sexual assault is violating someone's human rights and their personal space so it’s a very basic policy that I believe every university and every workplace should have anyway. So, as much as I appreciate the thing, I don’t think it's something special they put in place, but a very basic requirement. [...]