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Ibiene Naomi Ibiama

Phase 3 West Africa facilitator and website content creator

Ibiene Naomi Ibiama is the oldest child in a Christian family of 3 girls, who therefore has had the added responsibility of being a mother figure to her siblings. As a student born in Nigeria and raised in Accra, Ghana, the constant issues of inequality that plagued women and girls were very visible to Naomi in the news on a daily basis. Being a product of such an environment has motivated Naomi to aspire to empower and be a voice that would promote women’s rights and freedoms.

This passion coupled with her love for equality and travelling were crucial in her decision to pursue a BA Honours in Sociology and Anthropology at the Mount. Since arriving in Nova Scotia in 2015, from volunteering with the African Student Support Group, to working at the International Education Center at MSVU, as well as with Imhotep Legacy Academy, Naomi has acquired valuable experiences.

She is currently pursuing an honours thesis entitled Perceptions of Nigerian and Ghanaian Female Students at MSVU: How Christianity shapes their lives as women, under the supervision of Dr. Malinen.