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Indian Male

West Africa

I think my go to reaction [if my friend was sexually assaulted] would be [laughing] “Go and say something!” But um I would ask myself […] the kind of psychological state that person was in…

I’ve heard about so many sexual assaults in the university, but I’ve never really heard about them being solved or someone reporting it- I’ve just heard about the case, but never the case being solved.

I think the two important points that are very, very neccessary when dealing with people from my culture is, they [service providers responding to sexual violence] just need to reassure people that what they are…

Participant 1: Even when we make it known to people, if people come up with stories about how they were assaulted or whatever, sometimes they do not believe them. So what is the point of…

Participant 1: I’ve heard about the policy and everything, but I’ve also heard a lot about sexual assault cases in residence, and how it’s, like, a real problem. So, we know it’s a problem, but…

#WeAreTired: Nigerian women speak out over wave of violence

Orjinmo, 2020

Sex for Grades: undercover inside Nigerian and Ghanaian universities

Northcott, 2019

Sex, grades and power in higher education in Ghana and Tanzania

West Africa’s #SexForGrades Scandal Epitomizes Global Plight

Martínez, 2019
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