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African Female

Do you think the policy should be in different languages?

Facilitator: Do you think the policy should be in different languages?
Participant 1: Oh yes.
Participant 2: Yes.
Participant 3: Yes, definitely.
Participant 4: Yes.
Participant 2: Can't it be in English? English is fine, because if you are at the Mount, I think you have to speak in English.
Participant 3: Yeah, but you may not know all the words. [...]
Participant 1: Especially assault- assault is a hard word. I am still trying to understand it [laughing].
Participant 2: Speaking of languages, I feel like you should understand basic English before you can be a student at the Mount. So, whatever message you are trying to pass across, you should speak in basic English so that people can understand. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the person's language [unclear] the fact that the person that I am speaking to has knowledge of my background or can speak my language might help, but I think English is okay. Everyone will understand basic English; even if you are from China or you are from Nigeria, you understand basic English. I mean, they teach us in English! If you are teaching us in English, why would you think that I am unable to communicate in English?


  • Offer versions of policies presented in plain language and translated into languages commonly prefered by students. Ensure that these documents meet accessibility standards that consider the needs of students with disabilities and diverse learning styles.