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African Male

Guilty until proven innocent

I'd like to know why the accused person is treated as if they're guilty of the offense even when they ... they weren't through with investigations? I want to know why- why is that a thing? [...] Guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty. Because, there's restrictions on - you said the accused is not allowed to go to classes and stuff, right? So, stuff like that. You know, not being allowed to go to classes. So say you're innocent and you're being deprived of going to your classes that you've paid for, that's an inconvenience that they will never give back to you. You know? They cannot restore that to you. You know what I'm saying?


  • Address respondent rights and supports available to respondents in each of the following circumstances: 1) the investigation into the complaint is ongoing 2) the investigation concludes that the respondent has violated the policy, or 3) the investigation does not conclude that the respondent has violated the policy.