For crisis intervention or mental distress: Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line:

For Confidential support to post-secondary students in Nova Scotia:
Good2Talk: 1-833-292-3698
or text GOOD2TALKNS to 686868

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program for the Halifax area:

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If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

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Guys just want justice, justice, justice

I think my brothers would like the policy, because they know how guys are. So, personally, they [would] think the policy is better if it is applied, because then I could walk around safely. [...] This doesn't mean it's not going to happen, of course, but at least you know that if something happens, there is a counter measur e- there is something that will be done. [...] Because, you know how guys just want justice, justice, justice. [...] Instead of just going - because guys just recklessly do stuff - they would know that there there is something in place for me. They wouldn't have to dirty their hands, or go into illegal justice.


  • Consider how a student's identities might affect their expectations and concerns when accessing supports following a sexual assault, or when involved in a sexual assault investigation.

  • Describe possible legal and institutional consequences for respondents found to have engaged in sexual violence. Provide indication of the range of consequences likely to follow a range of policy violations.

  • Provide students with information about what can serve as evidence of sexual assault for the purposes of a university investigation. This information should appear in the policy itself and in educational materials about the policy.