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Middle Eastern Female

I never reported any of it

For example, I've been assaulted more times than I can even count, and I never reported any of it because [pause] and this is totally just me- I totally understand why other people would want to report. But for me, I just don't care. That's kind of my mindset, and I know many other girls are like me in saying, "so what, it happened. I will move on- I am strong enough to move on." So for me, it's that kind of thing. I don't see the point in reporting, and it could just be that I don't want to go through all of the legalities of it, the process of everything.


  • Emphasize the victim's right to decide whether they would like to report the incident after they have disclosed it to the university. Ensure the victim is aware of the formal and informal routes for reporting, including the option of reporting to the police. Clearly communicate any limits to confidentiality.

  • Within the policy and educational materials, provide information about possible timeframes for the completion of an investigation into a report of sexual assault. Deliver regular, scheduled updates on investigations to complainants and respondents. Such updates should be integrated into the policy.

  • Offer fictionalized but representative examples of how disclosures and reports to the university have been handled.