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African Female

It should not be about race

Well for me, I will let the counsellor know- don’t play the race card with me. Don’t say, "Do you think this happened to you because you are Black?" No, if you say that to me, I am going to attack the counsellor, I am sorry. It should not be about race. If you are going to talk to me, you need to be neutral. As I said before, be neutral. Number one, if you have never experienced being sexually molested before, or two, you are not from my region, I would advise you to be sensitive and neutral. [...] You can't say me - because I don’t want to be judged, because maybe white people do that a lot - "Do you think this happened to you because you are Black?" I don’t want to hear that. It happened to me because I am just a victim. It can happen to anybody. [...] That’s why I want a counsellor in CBU to know that, "Okay, this happened to you because it can happen to anyone. It can happen to anyone. We are sorry it happened to you.