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African Male

It’s good to have these discussions

We don't have many of these. Like, people of colour don’t get to talk about our feelings towards our universities policies- whether it's the sports or the school, or the teachers online- it's good to have these discussions to get it off our chests, tell people how we feel and hopefully, it gets out there and makes some changes. Hopefully, it makes life easier for us because we already have it hard enough, being Black.
Facilitator: Yeah, you're right. I mean, it's the beauty of this study- that we can actually make a change for everyone involved.


  • Engage with student leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds and genders when revising policy content and associated services. Ensure the concerns raised by these students are foregrounded in policy development and application.

  • Seek ways to make healing practices that resonate with collectivist cultures and that are strength-based available to students, either through university services or through referrals to external programs.