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The policy makes people uncomfortable

Participant 1: I feel like the policy, and the subject of sexual assault, makes people uncomfortable. I feel like it should be presented more comfortably so that people can talk about it.
Facilitator: What ways do you think may help people feel more comfortable talking about it?
Participant 1: I like using a funny story, oh well it's not meant to be funny. [laughing] I don't know like -
Participant 2: A series of animations?
Participant 1: Yeah!
Participant 2: Like passing across the serious information less seriously. I don't know how to put it, but I know there are ways to pass across serious information in a way that is not too serious so people can get the message.
Facilitator: Do you think students will take things like this seriously if they are not presented seriously?
Participant 2: The goal should be to pass the message and ensure that people know the message. Make sure the message sticks so they can apply it.


  • Don't overhelm students with policy materials. Plan an approach to increasing policy awareness that provides essential information and resources at dedicated times and locations. Consider potential triggers when developing and implementing educational/awareness materials.