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Asian Female

The university was trying to suppress the scandal

There is something that really pisses me off. I think the policy can be really relevant if this policy makes effort to hold the person accused accountable. Around one year ago, I don’t know if you guys have heard of it before that, there was tragic abuse against an Asian girl - maybe from China or Vietnam. She was raped by a few [guys] and somehow this has been suppressed by the University. Maybe you guys have heard about it before. I think it's pretty sad that the University was trying something to suppress the scandal, to protect their reputation.


  • Describe possible legal and institutional consequences for respondents found to have engaged in sexual violence. Provide indication of the range of consequences likely to follow a range of policy violations.

  • Engage external investigators to adjudicate all sexual assault cases. Describe the process by which investigators are selected within the policy. Communicate this process to complainants and respondents.