For crisis intervention or mental distress: Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line:

For Confidential support to post-secondary students in Nova Scotia:
Good2Talk: 1-833-292-3698
or text GOOD2TALKNS to 686868

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program for the Halifax area:

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If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

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African Female

These people don’t know me out here

Participant 1: I don't think I would want somebody from home to talk to me about that [a sexual assault]. Like, people out here, they don't know me.
Participant 3: Yeah.
Facilitator: These people don't know me out here.
Participant 4: I would prefer someone from home to talk to.
Participant 1: I wouldn't feel right [...]. I probably wouldn't like to talk to somebody out here or someone from home, cause we just -
Facilitator: Like, we run our mouth like water.
Participant 5: Yeah, I would rather talk to a family member, like my grandparents or someone like that. Facilitator: Your Grammy is going to turn up for something like that?
Participant 5: Yeah, but she is going to be calm about it cause she is super mellow.
Participant 3: if something happens to you -
Participant 5: She will be calm and talk me through it


  • When responding to a disclosure or report of sexual violence involving racially or ethnically marginalized students, provide these students with the choice to work with someone who shares their cultural or racial identity or someone who does not.

  • Develop a one-page document for parents/guardians of students that highlights key policy points and links to sexual assault resources and supports available in Canada.