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African Male

Treat me as a reasonable human being

[If I were involved in a sexual assault case, I would ask that university staff] treat me as a human being. Treat me as a reasonable human being, as I come. See me as a sane human being. Treat me as you would treat any person who is involved in any assault case. [...] So, whether I'm accused or if I'm the victim, just do not treat me differently. Just let me know - just treat me the same. Don't be like, "Because I'm from Ghana I do not know what's right, so I will go and slap a girls ass", and then you can treat me different.


  • Engage in activities to develop anti-racism as it pertains to sexual violence prevention and response. Apply anti-racist practices in these areas.

  • Address respondent rights and supports available to respondents in each of the following circumstances: 1) the investigation into the complaint is ongoing 2) the investigation concludes that the respondent has violated the policy, or 3) the investigation does not conclude that the respondent has violated the policy.

  • Be aware of damaging assumptions about Black and Middle Eastern male sexuality; consider problematizing this form of bias in education and awareness campaigns. In working with students from these demographics in relation to a disclosure or report, demonstrate awareness that such biases exist, and demonstrate intention not to be swayed by such assumptions.