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What if it makes us uncomfortable but it’s not in here?

Participant 1: What if it's, like, a form of assault, but it's not on the policy? They're just like [claps hand to indicate closing the file].
Participant 3: It doesn't say verbal. I don't know if that's a form of assault or something.
Participant 4: What if someone was talking dirty to me and I just was uncomfortable?
Participant 2: True.
Participant 4: You know, like a stranger came up to me and starting talking dirty.
Facilitator: What do they call that back home?
Participant 3: I think that's what Participant 4 meant. Like, what if we considered it to be, like... it makes us uncomfortable for the sexual assault, but it's not in here?
Participant 5: I think that's sexual harassment; that's not really assault.
Participant 3: Oh yeah- is that a different policy?
Facilitator: Probably.
Participant 5: Yeah, that has to be a different policy, or maybe you guys can include sexual harassment in the policy as well?


  • Provide services through the university itself and/or external services that meet the religious or spiritual needs of the victim/survivor and/or respondent.