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Asian Female

What kind of action would be considered an actual assault?

The school should provide some information about the actual definition of sexual assault, 'cause as participant 1 said, she doesn’t know what kind of action would be considered an actual assault. Like, what is more, serious? [...] I think they should explain the definition, does that make any sense? [...] It's like we need more details on what sexual assault is, you know, what is sexual harassment? What kind of actions should you be aware of? Um, and what should you do about this?


  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive consent education.

  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive sex education.

  • Describe possible legal and institutional consequences for respondents found to have engaged in sexual violence. Provide indication of the range of consequences likely to follow a range of policy violations.

  • Use multiple formats to deliver accessible education about the SV/SA policy during orientation and at least once per semester