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What the university can do to prevent it

Participant 1: Before we even get to the policy part, what precautions are put in place to ensure that this doesn't happen? Are there any safety precautions on campus that allow us to feel...Except for the security picking us up from the bottom of the hill [...], I don't feel like security does much.
Participant 3: Yeah, I feel like that should be a part of the conversation - talking about what the university can do to prevent it. Not this [indicates policy].
Participant 4: I mean, I guess they can't just, like, stick a security guard in every bedroom.
Participant 2: Maybe get like more security here. Like, if something happens, you have to go all the way to Assisi. [...]
Participant 3: And its very dark on campus [...]. We all walk through the school instead of walking up the hill 'cause there's no lights on both sides to make it bright.
Participant 2: Yeah, it isn't right at all.
Participant 1: You have to pray going up that hill, 'cause you never know what going to come out of the trees.


  • Improve campus safety measures (such as lighting, emergency phones, and cameras) based on student input about areas they perceive as unsafe.

  • Offer self-defense training free of charge on campus.