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Who creates the policy? Which policy takes precedence?

My first one is, who creates the policy? Um, there’s been a lot of debate at Saint Mary’s about who should actually be creating the policy and like, is this group pre-made? Does it pop up when we need it? So who actually makes the policy? Then also, I’m trying to figure out how to word this but, how is the policy enforced? Like, does it, take precedence over the Code of Conduct? Or, does the Code of Conduct take precedence over that? If there are other policies involved on Saint Mary’s campus that also have precedence, which one is taken first because we know most of the policies, you can only go through one procedure at a time or one procedure at all for some situations, so, like, where does it fall on that hierarchy?


  • Outline the policy review process and timeline within the policy and educational materials.