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African Female

I’m concerned about following through

I guess I’m wondering, um, especially in light of the School of Dentistry- we all know the famous story. Like, and we know that sexual harassment [is] also quite prevalent in School of Engineering, and that sort of thing - the male-dominated areas. But, I’m just wondering, since the dentistry thing, have they improved on the past [...] policies? Because, I honestly didn’t read through the ones on the web - like, the entire document - 30 pages. And I don’t know what it looked like prior to that. So, I’m just curious- have they made any serious changes or additions or deletions or anything to the current policy? [...] I’m concerned about following through. I think it was participant three, you know mentioning what happens to the victim after you’ve made that first step to report, or whatever. Like, and it is a long process, you know? I’m sure it is. And painstaking and humiliating at times. But, um, I’m just wondering, have there been any changes to that? And are they sort of, taking it more seriously now, since the whole dentistry thing? And what are the follow-up measures, like, once somebody does make a report? Like, how is that handled? Is it in any way better? To make it easier, you know, or less stressful?


  • Offer fictionalized but representative examples of how disclosures and reports to the university have been handled.

  • Engage with student leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds and genders when revising policy content and associated services. Ensure the concerns raised by these students are foregrounded in policy development and application.

  • Provide detail and clarity about what happens, and who helps the students involved, at every stage of the process following a disclosure or report.